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Davis @ The Circle Bar on 2004-02-16
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Deep within his "mansion" in Treme, Davis Rogan has been concocting a musical mixture that combines a dash of funk, several jiggers of rock, and a heap of soul tunes that make up his next project, simply called DAVIS.

DAVIS has the bright yet cynical wit of Ben Folds Five, the Brit-pop-filtered-back-through-America sound of Big Star, the rock meets jazz sensibilities of early Steely Dan, and the enthusiasm and playfulness of early New Orleans rhythm and blues. The songs speak of the goings-on and happenings in New Orleans. A highlight is Rogan's special take on the exotic dancers moving onto his street in "Strippers:" You might call it gentrification/I call it good. "The Coolest Party" pokes fun at an art opening's hipsters, while another attempts to be the ultimate New Orleans-type pop love song.

DAVIS uncludes four veterans from the local music scene. On drums is the well-traveled Chris Davis. He's the drummer for brass-funk band All That, and he's spent time on the throne for SST band Hotel X. Bassist Dr. Jimbo Walsh is conductor of The Naked Orchestra, bassist for Michael Ray and the Cosmic Krewe, and leader of Bubblebath. Saxophonist Rob Wagner also plays in many bands across New Orleans. He graced bandstands with The New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars, Iris May Tango, and the Rob Wagner Trio. Pianist/vocalist Davis Rogan has made his fame by spinning records for several years on community radio station WWOZ as well as singing and playing keyboards for All That and Ellis Marsalis.

DAVIS is the crème de la crop, an all star unit of the late 1990's funk movement in New Orleans that had thousands of people shaking their hips into dancing fool intoxication every weekend at clubs like Tipitina's, the Maple Leaf, the Dragon's Den, The Mermaid Lounge, Cafe Brasil, Club Instanbul, and other notorious dens of music and magic too numerous to mention.

The new DAVIS album should be released in mid-September.

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