Chef Menteur

Chef Menteur @ The Circle Bar on 2004-10-10
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Since Chef Menteur rely so much on mood, texture, and nuance, you’d be better off just seeing their instrumental, experimental Space Rock than have me try and explain it.

They played a pleasant show at The Circle Bar Sunday night. When they got super dreamy, listening to their music was similar to watching water reflect off of blue water. Also, their ominous and repetitive bass lines gave rockin’ songs some needed nastiness. In addition, they rule. Continuing, they’re total electro-heads. Samples, synthesizers(one a Moog), e-bows—it was all there. No matter how many layers there were in the music, a pulse was always present. I tapped or stomped my foot to their nice grooves. They were organic, as well. A conga was used along with a drum kit to create polyrhythms that only added to the trance nature of the music.

The band had an attractive accessibility. Not too dark or light. Just subversive enough to get past the ears of a Republican. I enjoyed the video they played against the performance room’s back wall. Goldfish swam in a toilet, and I sped through a tunnel in the driver’s seat. Neato.

The band’s improvisational spirit made them push boundaries and find sounds other people would have passed up or not thought of putting together. Long live Chef Menteur.

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