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Rotary Downs

Their stilted rock is more literate than most. The broken guitar and mumbled lyrics of Rotary Downs put them hand in hand with Pavement years ago, but now the band is incorporating piano and trumpet into their pedal steel guitar-flavored musings. When you least expect it, they will rock you.
Rebirth Brass Band

There is no other New Orleans band that brings the ruckus like Rebirth. Rebirth is like an insta-party. You don't have to worry about dancing. You're gonna dance your ass off. The band gets the crowd clapping, and they keep the positive energy up by giving each other props. The smooth snare rolls, syncopated beats, and surprising brass accents will throw you into a frenzy. The 21 year-old group is the best New Orleans brass band to feature a seperate kick and snare player.
Brass Band
Humid Beings


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