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Ingrid Lucia

Lucia's voice has a Billie Holliday shine, but she isn't afraid to leave tradition behind. She drops out of her voice's trance-inducing beauty to find a lower register where she adds splashes of personality and humor. Lucia is just as likely to cover a Latin tune as she is to pull out a Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, or Gene Autry cover. Romantic ballads are her forte, but she also swings and does the blues. "Junco Partner" and "Almost Blue" also included.
Variety Vocalist
Irene Sage

Sage shakes her booty and commands a performance with such confidence that you're forced to believe her rock, funk, and blues. Sage's band is tight, and they stick to lengthy funk songs full of solos. Powerful blues numbers also show up, along with plaintive songs that could have come right out of Melissa Etheridge's songbook. Sage is best when she's rockin' the funk, though.
Carrollton Station


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