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Consortium of Genius

A rock parody band for New Orleans. They focus their funny in three ways: songs, between song banter among the three mad scientists/musicians, and band breaks that feature fake advertisements on a screen. So, this is the deal: the band is made up of three mad scientists trying to take over the world--by playing heavy metal parodies with leather pants(Hey, it's better than invading Iraq). If you have no appreciation for almost non-sensical silly humor, don't go to one of their shows.
Rock Parody
Clarence Henry

The universal themes in Henry's enjoyable R&B have survived the test of time. Some people just have "it." Henry is one of those people. The good-natured, talkative performer wears a very broad smile, and he radiates community and joy. "Ain't Got No Home." "(I Don't Know Why) But I Do." "You Always Hurt the One You Love."
Chef Menteur

A local instrumental band that relies heavily on mood, texture, and nuance. Space rock? Why not? They play super dreamy songs, but they can get nasty as well. They’re total electro-heads. Samples, synthesizers(one a Moog), e-bows—it was all there.
Carrollton Station


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