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Big Blue Marble

Smart pop/rock that is driving, contemplative, and silly. Some songs are fast and angry, while other numbers wonder who took the last piece of cake. Love and the '70's are re-visited topics. A lap steel, piano, and roller rink instrumentals from Romania? Ahhh, the different textures.

The terror from Gretna uses pop culture references and catchy hooks for a Beck-like mixture of rap, rock, and folk. With song titles like "Monkey Handjobs," "Pencil Crack Tournament," and "Make My Own Stickers," Ballzack’s lyrics are predictably silly, but more importantly, his rhyme-style is inventive. Ballzack has a demeanor similar to fellow non-Black pop-culture maven MC Paul Barman.

Bipolaroid plays whimsical, glee pop that turns into subtle psychedelic rock that turns into noise jams. Synthesizer a must. Shoegazing effects-laden meanderings, guitar loops and some spacey artistry make them enjoyable. They build so much sound upon sound in an inconspicuous way. "They were playing all that?"

The band is centered around trombonist Mark Mullins. They throw out a slow groove, and when Mullins gives distortion to his trombone, beautiful guitar-like noise eminates. The distortion gets old quick. This is a band for middle-aged people. They'll make you tap your foot, but they're not doing anything spectacular. They work hard, though.
Trombone Rock/Funk
Carrollton Station


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