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... A visitor wonders which live band to see or which clubs to go to while they are in town.

... A local wants to know where to see that new band they have been hearing so much about.

... An event planner is looking for the perfect band to set the tone for a special evening.

Where do these individuals go to get the inside scoop on the music scene from someone with no vested interest? Before there was very little information available online about the current live music scene. Live New Orleans provides a place for music lovers to get daily reviews and news about what is going on now. offers visitors an intelligent, informative, humorous, and in-depth look into the local musical world through the eyes of everyday fans. is the only website or other media outlet in New Orleans that offers daily updates of local and national concert reviews and photos.

It also offers the most informative and well-designed online listings for live shows around town.

The website also gathers visitor demographics on gender, age, city, and e-mail address.

Visitors are asked questions about the music scene and website so that we may offer the best product possible and know the music issues most important to them.

Each week the website keeps in touch with visitors by sending out a newsletter containing a story pertinent to the music community. There is also a scene news and rumors and suggested concert picks for the upcoming.

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advertiser's benefits

• An extremely cost effective advertising vehicle for reaching visitors and locals, music lovers and musicians, event planners and frequent concert goers.

• A well-designed, clean and concise layout that maximizes the time readers spend with advertising but doesn’t intrude upon their reading pleasure.

• Reviews that are educational, educational, humorous, and relevant to the community.

• Crisp, action photographs that reveal the faces of New Orleans musicians.

• Reach visitors to New Orleans through the internet in the researching and planning their trip to New Orleans.

• Affordable advertising rates for smaller local advertisers.

• The ultimate musical reference guide for locals and the New Orleans diaspora (a group that frequently returns to New Orleans for holidays, Mardi Gras, and Jazzfest and spends money while they’re here). If people glance at a listing for a band, they can visit the site, read the review and find out exactly what kind of music the band plays.

• is updated daily with fresh content leading to plenty of repeat visitors

• All advertisers receive a special bold link to their website from the webpage.

• All advertisers receive a 500 word feature in a weekly Live New Orleans electronic newsletter. In addition all advertiser's listings will appear in bold type.

• All advertisers will have the opportunity to host a Live New Orleans party. In exchange, they will receive one month of advertising for free. Live New Orleans will provide the band. With proper promotion provided by the party could be a huge monetary success for the venue.

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visitors and ravers


• 90% of visitors are between the ages of 20 and 40. The average age is 36.

• Predominately professional men who reside in New Orleans with a mixture of self-employed entrepeneurs, musicians, and service industry people.

• Out-of-towners who return to Jazzfest every year.

• Intelligent, independent-minded, night owls who care about the local music scene and how it is perceived and supported.


“I like being able to check out bands before I see them.”

“The music critic’s journalistic style, the photos are awesome…well, in short I like everything about the site!”
—Kay Cox

“The site has a neat design and openminded reviews.”
—Dennis Formento

“There is always a lot to choose from and places to go on the site.”

“The site looks very fun and informative.”
—Donna Zoppi

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